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Our sessions


Looking for personalized attention during your training sessions? Then Private 1-on-1 training is perfect for you.


With this option, you'll work with me, your dedicated trainer, who will tailor each hour-long session to your unique needs and goals. Say goodbye to generic workouts and hello to a fitness plan designed specifically for you.


Looking for the benefits of personal training in a group setting? Then semi-private training is the perfect option for you.


You'll join a small group of 3-6 people and receive in-person guidance and expertise from me, your trainer.


 It's the perfect balance between group support and individualized attention.


Looking for a workout plan that's customized to your unique goals, needs, and abilities? Online Coaching is perfect for you.


With this service, you'll receive a tailored workout plan designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, along with an initial goal-setting consultation, accountability check-ins, and monthly follow-up meetings to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your program.

Please note that for online coaching, you'll need to provide the equipment required for your training sessions. You can complete your workouts from the comfort of your own home or at a location of your choice. Let's work together to create a plan that works for you.



I started at Prevail almost three months ago with Kyle. It has been a great experience so far and I am excited to be training for my first Spartan race! Kyle has listened to my fitness goals and has helped me not only in the studio but also with my nutrition goals. If you are looking for a judgement free studio where you can create a plan to meet your fitness and nutritional goals, Prevail is a business you can count on to meet your needs!

Kristi R.


I've had training done in the past that never made my needs and goals feel like they were important until I started training with Prevail. With this company I felt like my goals mattered and like I wasn't just passed along to anyone, I was given great guidance and assurance that what I wanted could be accomplished. The advice and training I received felt very individualized and well thought out. I highly recommend this if you want a very professional experience.

Stetson G.


I cannot recommend Prevail and Kyle enough. From the start Kyle sat down with me to discuss what I am looking to get out of personal training and share his health and fitness philosophies. It’s not only about lifting weights to prepare for bikini season (though there is plenty of that), we focus on health and well-being through a lifestyle lens. Time in the gym is meant to support overall fitness - get stronger, have more energy, increase confidence, be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. The accountability and support of a personal trainer cannot be overstated. I have made huge improvements in all aspects of my strength and muscle tone and I know I would not have gotten here on my own. We train hard, have fun, and I feel better in every aspect of my personal health.

Cassie E.

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