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Your clients, your income

As a trainer you want to provide a comfortable and convenient space for your clients to train in.

If you're a trainer looking for space to rent for your business....

Our Space

Squat Racks, Dumbbells, and TRX - oh my!

No, but really - we have equipment designed to accommodate clients of all levels and preferences.


Squat/Power Racks

Dumbbells (5-80lb sets)



Medicine Balls


Assault Bikes


Cable Crossover


& More

IMG_0486 2.HEIC

Flat monthly rate

Eliminate the hassle of monthly rental fees and commission. Pay one flat rental fee for the month and enjoy the studio space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Grow your income - and actually keep it.

location, location, location

Situated in the center of the beautiful city of Flower Mound, at the crossroads of two of the most heavily trafficked streets in FM - Flower Mound road and Morriss road. Street side signage is visible to both East/West and North/South bound traffic.

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